Four Tips for Using a Concrete Core Drill to Make a Hole in a Concrete or Masonry Wall

Posted on: 2 June 2016


If you are trying to make a large hole in a concrete or masonry wall, you can use a concrete core drill. To make the task safe and successful, take a look at these tips. They will guide you in the right direction:

1. Choose the correct size bore.

Concrete core drills feature an empty spherical attachment called a bore. As you drill, the bore spins and makes your hole, with some help from a drill bit in the center of the bore. When choosing your bore, make sure that it exactly matches the size of hole you want in your wall.

If you choose a bore that is too large, you obviously cannot make your hole any smaller. In contrast, however, if you use a bore that is too small, it is also very difficult to enlarge the hole, while still keeping it even and perfectly round. Measure twice to make sure you get the right diametre.

2. Make sure there are no cables in the wall.

Before you start using your concrete core drill, make sure that there are no cables or cords in the wall. This is especially important if you are drilling into a masonry wall in your home. Look for fixtures, switches or other indications that wires may be nearby. Drill slowly and visually check for wires as you go along. If you think that there may be a wire in the wall, turn off the power as you work for safely.

3. Use safety gear.

Concrete core drilling can be dangerous. Make sure that you use a core drill with a safety clutch. That way, if you drop the drill, the power will automatically turn off. Similarly, make sure that you wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris or dust.

4. Deal with dust strategically.

As you can imagine, drilling a hole through a concrete or masonry wall produces a lot of dust. Start the hole on the side where you can easily identify where you want the hole to be. Don't use the bore for the initial drilling. Instead, just use the drill bit that runs through the center of the bore -- the bore is removable so you can use this bit on its own.

Train this bit on the centre of the hole, and slowly drill til you reach the other side. Then, move to the side where it is going to be easiest to deal with dust. For example, if one side of the wall is in your living room and the other side is in your garage, do most of the drilling in your garage so you don't have to worry about dust all over your carpet and furniture.

Want more tips on using a concrete core drill to make a hole in a concrete or masonry wall? Contact a core drilling expert in your area.