How to Select the Best Drill Bits

Posted on: 9 June 2016


There are so many drill bit brand names and styles that one can be at a loss when trying to select a drill bit that will serve his or her needs effectively. This article discusses some crucial questions that you should ask yourself if you would like to buy some drill bits for an upcoming DIY home improvement project.

How Durable Is That Drill Bit?

One way to get value for money is to select a drill bit that will last for a long time. It is crucial for you to find out what attributes are built into different drill bits in order to make them last for long. Some manufacturers focus on using special materials, such as high-molybdenum steel, to make the drill bit so hard that it will not break easily while it is being used. Other manufacturers may coat the drill bits with substances, such as nickel, to make the drill bit heat conductive. This allows the drill bit to last longer because any heat generated within it will be quickly dissipated before it can cause the drill bit to wear out. Compare the spec sheets of different drill bits and select the drill bit whose manufacturer explains what makes that drill bit durable.

How Precise Is The Drill Bit?

Two factors play an important role in determining the outcome of a drilling task. The first factor is the skill of the person performing the task. The second factor is the quality of the tools at the disposal of that individual. Drill bits are designed to provide different levels of precision. For instance, some drill bits have multiple points that penetrate the concrete as you drill. Such drill bits have a slimmer chance of going off center when compared to those that only have one point that penetrates the material. This is because the drill bit with one point is likely to bounce on the surface before it penetrates. This bouncing increases the likelihood that the drilled hole will be off the mark where you wanted that hole to be. Buy a drill bit whose product description details what makes it precise.

How Easy Is It To Use The Drill Bit?

Several factors make drill bits user-friendly. The first factor is how easy it is to remove and replace a worn drill bit. Some drill bits have a radial design that allows them to be unscrewed easily in order to replace them with a new one. Others are more cumbersome to remove. Pick a drill bit whose placement or removal style is the easiest for you. Another element of user-friendliness is the energy that one has to exert when using the drill bit. Here, the tip of the drill bit becomes an important factor. As already mentioned, drill bits with multiple points on their tips penetrate the material quickly. Thus, you will not have to exert a lot of energy when using such a drill tip. Pick a drill tip that has a combination of factors that make it easy to use.

The factors above will save you from being blinded by brand names and packaging when you go shopping for an ideal drill bit for your project.