Two Reasons Why Only a Professional Concrete Contractor Should Polish a Concrete Floor

Posted on: 13 October 2020


If a person has a concrete floor that they would like to polish, they should not do this themselves but should instead have it done by a concrete contractor. Here are two reasons why they should follow this advice.

1. Careless polishing can ruin a concrete floor

If a person rents some concrete polishing equipment and tries to polish their own floor, they could ruin it. If they were to leave the polishing equipment running for longer on some areas of their floor than others, these sections would have a much glossier finish than the other sections. When any light hits this polished floor, the obvious differences in the shininess of these areas would create a splotched effect on this surface.

If they make this mistake, but to a greater degree they could actually create a slight dip in the floor, that would be obvious whenever any light shone on it or whenever anyone stepped onto it. An example would be if the person got distracted and let the polisher run on one particular spot for 10 minutes longer than every other area of the floor. In these situations, they would either need to get a concrete contractor to even out the levels of glossiness or to fill in the dip and then re-polish that section. It would be far less wasteful, expensive and frustrating to have a contractor like this do the job straight off the bat, as they know exactly how to use their polishing equipment to create an evenly-glossy, level concrete floor.

2. Concrete polishing can be dangerous if it's done by someone who is inexperienced

The other reason why concrete polishing is best left to a concrete contractor is that it can be dangerous if the person operating the polishing equipment has no past experience with using it. For example, if a person wears the wrong type of clothes, they could get injured. Wearing a pair of, for instance, flared jeans or jeans with ragged ends could result in the bottom of their trousers getting entangled in the moving polishing equipment, in which case the wearer could fall down and get dragged around by the machine. Likewise, if they are careless about keeping a tight grip on the handles of the equipment, it could slip out of their hands and the moving polishing component could hit and injure the feet of anyone who is near it.

Concrete contractors, on the other hand, know all about the risks associated with using polishing equipment and understand what measures they have to take to mitigate those risks. As such, their efforts to polish concrete floors will rarely, if ever, result in any injuries.

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