• Do You Know the Various Concrete Slabs and Their Uses? Learn More

    Concrete slabs are critical components of structures made from cement and other products. These slabs provide flat surfaces that act as ceilings and floors for buildings. Slabs come with specialised reinforcement to enable them to support the weight of the surrounding elements. On that note, modern engineers use different techniques to support slabs on four sides. Advancement in building engineering also enables beams to receive support from one or two columns, depending on the dynamics of the structure you are building.
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  • Different Types of Asphalt Repairs Your Commercial Parking Lot May Require

    Asphalt, certainly, is a leading paving solution for both commercial and residential properties alike, and this can be credited to the wide array of advantages that this material offers. For starters, it provides the smoothest finish, particularly when compared to concrete paving. Secondly, asphalt offers slip resistance, while also ensuring a uniform and appealing appearance! Nonetheless, asphalt is not invulnerable to damage. The constantly-changing weather elements, coupled with the heavy loads it is exposed to from the trucks and vehicles driven over it, will eventually lead to cracks and a host of other physical damages.
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