Some Questions to Ask Your Contractor for Concrete Cutting

Posted on: 6 June 2016


Concrete cutting is almost always best left to a professional; concrete isn't as easy to cut as you might think, as it can crack or split from improper cutting and dust is almost always an issue with cutting. You also want to ensure you don't damage materials around or under the concrete when you cut it, and a professional will know how to check what's under concrete and work around nearby walls and fixtures. When you are ready to hire a contractor for concrete cutting, note a few questions it may be important to ask.

1. Ask how close they can cut to a wall

If there is a wall adjacent to where you will need cuts made, ask how close they can get. Many contractors are able to get flush or very close to flush to a wall, but this will depend on the tools they use and even their own experience and skill. Rather than assume they can make this close cut, ask ahead of time.

2. Ask if they can cut a ceiling

As with cutting flush to a wall, cutting a ceiling may depend on a contractor's tool and their experience with cutting overhead. If your basement ceiling or another such concrete ceiling needs to be cut, as with the wall, don't assume this can be done but ask when scheduling the work.

3. Ask if they can groove or grind a concrete floor

If you're having a garage floor or the concrete floor of a production facility cut, you might ask if the cutter can groove or grind the floor at the same time. Grooves and grinds in a concrete floor can make it bumpier to provide more traction, and small speed bumps or rumble strips can often be made in the concrete to slow down traffic. If these are issues for you, ask the concrete cutter about handling this work at the same time as the cutting.

4. Ask how deep they can cut before there are other tools needed

One reason to ask about the depth of standard cuts is that your concrete cutter may need to bring in specialty tools for anything deeper, and this can mean added fees for you. It's also good that they know ahead of time if you'll need cuts that are beyond their standard work so they know to have the right tools on hand when they visit your home or facility. If you're not sure the depth of the concrete you need cut, discuss this with your contractor as they may know the average depth of a foundation, garage floor, and the like.