Four Advantages of Using Decorative Concrete on Your Patio

Posted on: 18 October 2021


Choosing the right paving for your patio can transform it from drab to beautiful. One surface you may have heard of is decorative concrete. Consider the following advantages of this material.


Decorative concrete starts out as a cement mix, but it can be shaped and coloured to create virtually any look, providing you with endless design options. First, contractors can press stamps or moulds onto it before it sets instead of leaving the paving smooth. Many stamp designs mimic slate pavers, cobblestones, timber planks and many other textures. Concrete can also be coloured with various methods to imbue it with the earthy hues of organic substances. Or you may alternatively opt for brightly coloured paving. Thus, your patio can be created according to your vision, rather than you picking from what's available. Concrete can even mimic exclusive marble that may otherwise be hard to source or be too expensive.

No-Fuss Maintenance

Another advantage of decorative concrete is that it requires little maintenance. It won't rot or warp, and it withstands outdoor conditions. The paving will simply require occasional sweeping or hosing to keep it clean. Just make sure, though, to seal the concrete as recommended to protect it and help reduce wear and tear. A topical sealant forms a coating, in matte or gloss, that brings out the richness of the colours. You might alternatively opt for a penetrating sealant that soaks into the paving while not changing its appearance.

No Weeds

Decorative concrete allows you to create the look of individual pavers using stamps. However, the concrete forms a continuous surface that doesn't allow weeds to creep through. So the patio won't be marred with plants growing everywhere. You won't have to get on your knees and painstakingly weed each section, which can be time consuming depending on the patio size. Alternatively, you may have to pay someone else to do the weeding. In any case, you can enjoy the paver look using decorative concrete without worrying about weeds.


Once you create a beautiful concrete patio, you can feel assured that it will last for many years due to its durability. However, if you want to change its design in the future, contractors can pour an overlay of concrete on top and decorate it with different textures and colours. For example, say you repaint the exterior walls of your house in a new shade. You could then customise the patio to coordinate.