How to Construct a Concrete Kerb Around Walkways

Posted on: 8 June 2016


A concrete kerb is another name for concrete edging. It is very easy to improve the visual appeal of the landscape around your commercial building by constructing a concrete kerb to demarcate the walkways. Read on and learn the steps that you need to follow in order to install this kerb.

Step 1: Dig a Hole for the Kerb

Mark off the area where you would like the kerb to be located. Dig a hole that is about 3-4 inches deep. You can dig a deeper hole in case there are rocks close to the surface of the ground. It is better to dig until you reach soil. This is because the soil will easily shift to allow the concrete to expand or contract as the temperature changes. The hole should be about 8-inches wide.

Step 2: Install the Frame

Cut plywood into strips that are about 4-inches wide. Place those pieces of plywood on each side of the trench that you dug in Step 1 above. The boards will help to give the kerb the sharp edges and upright sides that make it attractive to look at. You may place the plywood boards as wide apart as you would like the kerb to be. Drive wooden stakes into the ground in order to hold the boards in position. The stakes should be spaced at regular intervals along the outer edge of each board.

Step 3: Prepare and Pour the Cement Mix

Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to prepare the cement mix in a bucket or a wheelbarrow. Carefully pour this mix into the kerb frame that you set up. Use a leveling tool, such as a flat piece of wood, to level the concrete that you have just poured. Make sure that the concrete is not so much that it starts spilling over the top edge of the frame.

Step 4: Remove the Frame

Remove the frame/form once the cement has set. This may take a few days depending on the weather of your area. Remove the stakes too. At this point, you can paint the kerb if you wish. It may be advisable to apply a concrete sealant so that the paint and concrete are protected from being damaged by water.

As you can see, it is not difficult to install a concrete kerb around your commercial property. However, you should consider hiring professionals if you wish to install the kerbing over a large area because the task may be too physically exhausting for you.