Tips to Minimizing Regular Asphalt Repairs

Posted on: 10 June 2016


Asphalt is one of the durable materials you could consider for your home's driveway. However, this does not mean that asphalt driveways are not immune to succumbing to wear and tear. The necessary maintenance measures would result in a decrease in paving problems. This then would reduce the number of asphalt repairs you would require. Neglecting this material, especially during the months of extreme weather changes, could lead to your driveway deteriorating at a fast pace. The following are some tips that could come in handy in decreasing the need for regular asphalt repairs. 

Do not ignore cracks

One of the biggest culprits that would create the need for regular asphalt repairs is cracks. Granted, hairline cracks on your asphalt may not constitute an emergency. However, leaving these cracks unchecked and not inspecting them from time to time can lead to extensive spreading of the cracks. As these cracks expand, they let water seep into your asphalt driveway when wet weather rolls around. 

As the water collects beneath the asphalt, it gradually weakens the driveway's subgrade. This in turn leads to additional cracks and the formation of potholes. Before you know it, you may find that your asphalt driveway is broken down beyond repair. To prevent all this, it is best to try to fill in these cracks as they occur. Carrying out regular inspections on your driveway will enable you to spot them as they form and remedy the problem before it gets a chance to develop further.

Keep your asphalt driveway levelled

Another concern that you should have when trying to avoid regular asphalt repairs would be the levelling of your driveway. This is especially important if your driveway consistently bears the weight of heavy vehicles such as a truck. Over time, you may find that some parts of the asphalt have started becoming depressed. A mistake some homeowners make is assuming that if there are no cracks in these depressed areas, then there should be no cause for concern. 

The truth of the matter though is that these depressions allow for puddling of water during wet weather. Continuous puddling will eventually lead to your asphalt developing water damage in these areas, more so if the driveway is not appropriately sealed. To prevent this, opt for skin patching on areas of your driveway that do not appear level. This eliminates the depressions and reduces the chances of puddles constantly forming on your asphalt