5 Reasons You Should Choose Concrete Kerbing

Posted on: 25 June 2020


Concrete kerbs are raised lines of concrete that separate gardens or pavements. While their design is often overlooked, their value cannot be underestimated. They add great aesthetic value to the landscape and are a great addition to your property. 

Without kerbs, you might it difficult to maintain the edge of your lawn. However, concrete kerbing offers you an affordable and lasting solution to conveniently give your exterior space a lasting style. Here are 5 top benefits of concrete kerbing.

Design Options

Unlike other edging materials which often aren't visible or pleasing to look at, concrete edging is a hardscape which often shows itself off. It allows you to choose from a wide range of design possibilities contributing to the overall look of your garden. 

For instance, your contractor can pour your concrete edging in a warm earthy colour to coordinate with your lawn. You can also choose to use pre-cast options like bricks and blocks for your concrete kerb, which also come in a variety of colours. 


Concrete is among the most durable garden or lawn edging options. It isn't prone to warping, rotting, separations or other forms of deterioration. Concrete kerbs will withstand harsh weather conditions and are among the most permanent types of edging available. You don't have to worry about replacing concrete kerbs as you would other materials such as plastic, metal or wood. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Concrete kerbs are eye-catching. They provide your home with a distinct look and lasting beauty. The wide range of colour shapes and sizes can allow you to have an interesting installation that matches the aesthetic of your property's exterior.

The colours and style selection available when you choose concrete kerbing easily complement the architectural style of buildings and homes. 

Adds Value to Your Home

Decorative concrete kerbing adds value to your property. Adding it eliminates the need for labour-intensive work in your yard. It gives a clean and crisp look to your freshly cut lawn. These benefits will appeal to potential buyers and make your home memorable. 

Root Control and Soil Erosion

Because of its sturdy nature, concrete kerbing ensures root control. If you let your plants grow uncontrolled, there is no limit to how far they will spread. Their roots will spread to your driveway and cause overgrowth. Concrete kerbing provides adequate root control and allows your lawn to flourish but within its limits. 

Concrete kerbing is also the best option for preventing soil erosion by keeping in the soil and keeping your lawn green season after season. Because the kerbs are raised, they'll prevent the soil from spilling on to your driveway or walkway.

Give your home an upgrade by installing concrete kerbs to protect your garden lawns and boost the home's value and aesthetic appeal without disturbing the existing landscape.