Different Types of Asphalt Repairs Your Commercial Parking Lot May Require

Posted on: 19 March 2021


Asphalt, certainly, is a leading paving solution for both commercial and residential properties alike, and this can be credited to the wide array of advantages that this material offers. For starters, it provides the smoothest finish, particularly when compared to concrete paving. Secondly, asphalt offers slip resistance, while also ensuring a uniform and appealing appearance! Nonetheless, asphalt is not invulnerable to damage. The constantly-changing weather elements, coupled with the heavy loads it is exposed to from the trucks and vehicles driven over it, will eventually lead to cracks and a host of other physical damages. If you do not seek professional attention in time, you may end up having to replace the entire parking lot! Fortunately, there is a variety of repair techniques available depending on the extent of the damage. Below are just two of the different types of asphalt repairs your commercial parking lot may require.

Skin patching

If your commercial parking lot has acquired fairly minor damages in the form of depressions, small holes or even shallow potholes, skin patching may be the best repair technique for your needs. This type of repair entails the use of a hot, asphalt emulsion that is spread into the dents and cavities that have formed on the surface of the asphalt. Once the emulsion has cooled and dried, the contractors will seal the smoothened-out emulsion, leaving a fresh layer of asphalt that is ready for use! It is worth noting, though, that not all kinds of potholes can be addressed via skin patching. Therefore, the contractors would have to carry out a thorough inspection first to determine if your commercial parking lot qualifies for this type of repair.


If the commercial parking lot is old, it is normal to find that it has steadily lost its thickness over time. This can be attributed to regular factors, such as exposure to moisture, that would lead to progressive abrasion, exposure to the heavy impact that will flatten the surface and so on. Additionally, you may also find that the asphalt surface has developed cosmetic cracks that are drawing away from the appearance of the paving. If these cracks are left unchecked, they will widen over time, and this will translate into deep-rooted damage to the asphalt, so it is best to seek professional repairs when you first notice them. To determine if your parking lot is eligible for resurfacing, the contractors will investigate the condition of the base first. If there are no signs of failure, they can go ahead with the resurfacing process. However, if the base is unstable, you may need complete removal and replacement of the asphalt.